Rita’s 9 Milestones for Underwear Production

1. Design and modelling

Our design development team ensures that our garments are in the latest styles and are comfortable to wear.

2. Pattern development

During the pattern development process our main goal is to guarantee that each product in our range is made with the highest levels of comfort and style in mind, creating products that our customers will want to buy over and over again.

3. Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing

Our circular knitting machines and our modern Latvian-only dyeing and finishing department allow us to produce the smoothest fabric with the best possible quality.

4. Lab testing

All the fabrics used in our range are tested for pilling, shrinkage and colour fastness in our own laboratory, a fact appreciated by our clients from all over Northern Europe.

5. Cutting

Our collections are cut using automated cutting equipment with subsequent human control, allowing us to eliminate any errors and create clean, elegant designs.

6. Sewing

We have the most diverse fleet of sewing machines in Latvia. These include the most advanced flatlock sewing machines, overlock sewing machines and one-needle sewing machines from the world’s leading providers.

7. Quality testing

We have a constantly improving quality management system in place. Quality tests are run during the raw material sourcing, prototyping and production phases. Quality is evaluated at every step, from the initial fabrics to the completed garments.

8. “Metal-free” control

We ensure that all of our garments are totally metal-free, so no harm will be caused by broken needles after knitting or sewing.

9. Packing

All of our packaging is purchased from carefully selected suppliers in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

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